Get Organized TODAY with our step-by-step guide to organize absolutely anything.
Follow this simple process to tackle any organization project without getting overwhelmed, quitting, or taking over your whole weekend.
Pick your project.

If you’re looking for a place to dive in, we suggest a single set of shelves. Stay small so you can focus on one space at a time— whole rooms need not apply.

Work the steps.

Follow the steps, in order, completing them in full before moving on to the next step. (This is our trick to actually finishing the project!)


High five—you did it!
Share your project with your family (or include them in the process!) so everyone knows how to use the new system you’ve created.

This is the guide for you.

Organizing can be FUN—when you have a plan.

Too many organization projects feel daunting and overwhelming because you just don’t know where to start.

Plus, when you know you’re not the best with follow-through and keeping things tidy, it can feel tempting to say “Why bother?!” and choose to do something else instead.

HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW: life is easier when things are organized.

We’re all about helping you create a more peaceful, joy-filled life by turning your hard-to-manage messes into easy-to-maintain systems.

With our Free Guide to Get Organized TODAY, you can apply this wash-rinse-repeat method to ANY organizational project and—you guessed it!—get organized today.

We’ll teach you our seven simple steps to organize any space, plus:

Let’s get organized!