Start with one shelf in your house & just watch how this simple project sets you on your way to a more organized life.

Find the positive momentum you’re looking for—organize a functional & beautiful set of shelves to create a positive ripple effect in the rest of your home.

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It might feel impossible to tackle re-organizing your entire home. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Many rooms go untouched because the project just feels TOO big.

You need what all of us need: An EASY + BEAUTIFUL win.

You’d be amazed at how much momentum you feel when you tackle one small project that will make a significant difference in the look, feel, and function of your home.

And it starts with just one shelf.

What you’ll need:

A plan.

We’ve got you—the #Shelfie Handbook has pictures and product suggestions for five different kinds of shelves in your home. So you can start with one, then maybe do all five?

A few containers.
For any organizational project, you’re going to need to “contain” your stuff. We’ll share our go-to favorites—including budget friendly options—plus, the labels you’ll need to make the space function for you.
A little time.
This isn’t a project that’ll take up your entire weekend: once you read through the guide and grab your containers, you’ll start knocking out a few quick wins (or five) … in about one hour each.

Shelves should be both
pretty and functional.

Laura here— When I posted a picture of my office shelves organized with inexpensive white Ikea boxes and DIY pink vinyl labels, the Internet went crazy.

(Okay, not the whole Internet, but still.)

If your space is frustrating, overwhelming, or just straight-up stressful—shelves are easy wins!

Organize just one set of shelves at a time, and slowly-but-surely,
your whole home will begin to feel more organized and more beautiful.


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We’re breaking down the exact road map to

Create 5 (easy-to-repeat) sets of dreamy shelves in your home.

Playrooms that feel like a hot mess of primary colors. Check.

Catch-all living room shelves that everyone has to use and look at. Check.

The corner of your kitchen that you really need to be on team “What’s for dinner?”. Check again.

Organized shelves make any space prettier & less overwhelming.

Everything has a place, everyone knows its place, and suddenly it’s like the room looks happier.

When you set up the systems for a few pretty shelves in your home, they get the ball rolling for bigger projects—and serve as the ol’ faithful places to come back and reset when things feel out of whack.
Let’s get organized!

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For a limited time only!

Get the printable handbook to

Organize these five shelves—in any home:

The Office & Hobby Shelf:

Re-create your own version of Laura’s pink & white office shelves to hold everything from Cricut supplies to your important papers filing system, and anything in between.​

The Kids Shelf:

Get children’s clothes & toys organized to create an easy-to-use system for even the youngest members of your family.​

The Living Room Shelf:

These shelves are the center of your home, and everyone’s gonna see them all the time …you’ll learn how to make them work for you and look good, too.

The Cooking Shelf:
Whether it’s a cabinet or a pantry, you need a space in your kitchen that works with you during meal times, morning routines, & midnight snacks. (Plus, who doesn’t love a swoon-worthy shelf of your favorite foods?)​

The Bathroom Shelf:

Rolls of TP and dozens of half used makeup products? Give your bathroom that fresh and clean feeling, because even bathrooms deserve to look beautiful.

It’s all inside the printable #Shelfie Handbook for just $49!


GET 50% OFF with coupon code: GOHQ

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You get so much more than just a pretty picture...

This 40 page downloadable guide will be your go to handbook for all of your home organization projects. I will show you step-by-step how to create a stunning set of organized shelves in your home.


  • a repeatable, step-by-step process that shows you how to recreate each #Shelfie
  • a list of the exact products I used with links so you can easily find what you’re shopping for
  • alternate product ideas for each shelf so you can truly make the space your own
  • home organization tips & tricks that you can apply to any space

Printable Labels

No organized space is truly complete without beautiful labels. Your purchase will include a free set of printable spice jar labels so you can have a quick organizing win in your kitchen!

Organizing Pitfalls 101

This digital guide will point out common organizing pitfalls and give you tips on how to avoid them. You’ll never have an organizing faux pax again!

The Labeling Handbook

Most of the fancy labels you see on Instagram can be created at home if you have the right tools! I’ll show you step-by-step how to create labels on a Circuit, Circuit Joy, or Silhouette Cutting Machine.

Maintenance Training

It’s one thing to organize a space, but it’s another thing entirely to keep that space organized. You’ll get a video training session from Laura on how to maintain your #Shelfie.


“I love that you gave us exactly the products you used…

…which I wasn’t expecting. That was a beautiful surprise.”


“This is an excellent resource, 

and I am very happy with it. At my ripe ol’ age, I thought it would not tell me anything new, but, alas… it did! Such beautiful solutions to small spaces and that appeal to a wide variety of users. Well done!”


“I really love this handbook. 

there are lots of photos that give ideas, and the shopping lists are great. I love the step by step procedures. Also, none of this has to be done EXACTLY as it is in the handbook, but it’s a great place to begin.”



Just what I needed to add a bit of sparkle to my shelves!”


“I loved the specific ‘recipes’ on how to recreate the shelves.

Just like a food recipe, I can modify as I see fit, but it gives me a great starting point. It’s an excellent and inspiring resource for anyone looking to optimize their storage spaces!”


“The pictures and descriptions were great.

Step by step instructions makes it easy to understand placement, especially when using my own items. I found the handbook fun and inspiring.”



We will first teach you simple organizing principles that you can apply to any space. Then we will we show you step by step – without any guesswork – how to style your own beautiful #shelfie.

Don’t worry. We show you the exact steps and products we used, so you can simply copy us. We’ve already done all the hard work for you!

We suggest a variety of organizing products to fit any budget. While $500 worth of Oxo food storage containers might not be in the budget, there are tons of alternative options out there. Plus, you’ll learn organizing and design principles that you can apply to any space and won’t cost you a dime! 

First, you’ll get my 5 page guide to organizing any space that teaches you organizing principles you can apply anywhere. Next, you’ll get my 5 detailed shelfie formulas that will show you how to create your own beautiful set of shelves in any room in your house.

The Get Organized HQ Money-Back Guarantee

We’re all about helping you create a more peaceful, joy-filled life by turning your hard-to-manage messes into easy-to-maintain systems.

If you don’t achieve the organized systems you’re looking for with any of our products, we’ll refund your purchase within 30 days—no questions asked. It’s that simple.

Let’s get organized!

GET 50% OFF with coupon code: GOHQ

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