What You Need to Use The Digital Planner

The Basics

Our Digital Planner is a hyperlinked PDF file. It’s meant to be used on a tablet or computer. (But if you prefer a paper planner, you should check out ours!) You’ll get the best experience on a tablet with a stylus, but you can also use the digital planner with a computer or even an iPhone (sorry – we don’t recommend using the Digital Planner with an Android phone).


The digital planner was created with tablets in mind! You’ll have the ideal experience on a tablet, where you get the best of both worlds – the satisfaction of putting pen to paper, along with the power of digital! Here’s what we recommend: 

Tablet Recommendations

iPad Android Windows Tablet

Apple Pencil (make sure to choose the one for your iPad)

OR Budget-friendly pencil

GoodNotes app (about $8)

Xodo app (free!)

Xodo app (free!)

What if you don’t have a tablet, but you still want to use the Digital Planner? Or maybe you DO have a tablet, but you’d like it to sync across your devices? We have you covered!

Computer Recommendations

Smartphone Recommendations

We don’t recommend smartphones as your ONLY way to use the Digital Planner. It’s hard to get the full experience with the little smartphone screen and keyboard. But in most cases, you can still load your planner on your phone using the GoodNotes app for iPhone and the Xodo app for Android.

This works great if you use the planner primarily on a tablet or computer, but you want the convenience of having your planner with you at all times on your phone!

Not Recommended

At this time, we do not recommend using our digital planner with a Kindle Fire.

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